With public cloud adoption, customers struggle to define and implement their security and compliance needs in support of the business. Security at scale is complex and slow, thereby dramatically increasing business, financial and reputational risks.

Existing approaches are fragmented, creating management silos that in turn contribute to significant and long standing blind spots for risks and breaches.

Helping customers to implement robust security while aiding productivity requires a fundamental re-think of the customer experience - in how the cloud estate is analyzed, insights are generated and security controls are orchestrated. 



Cloud Security Management 

Ariksa delivers the most complete and holistic assessment of all entities in a public cloud estate to uncover security risks and vulnerabilities



We Solve

The problem of poor visibility and context that creates heightened threats from users and resources

We Solve

The problem of poor customer controls that creates cloud security FUD and derails implementation

We Solve

The problem of piecemeal, slow and error-prone automation that inhibits maturity 

It's Time

To re-imagine cloud security, but for the customer -  intuitive, deeply contextual and highly automated