About Us

Ariksa is an early-stage cloud security startup that is backed by highly reputed investors. We bring a deep understanding of customer challenges around security and decades of proven expertise in data center and public cloud security.

As cloud adoption grows rapidly, security is going to fall further behind business and operational maturity. Unless customers have solutions that makes cloud security management simple, intuitive, and holistic. We are re-imagining how enterprise cloud security is delivered for precisely such a market!

Our Story

We are genuinely passionate about helping customers implement security at scale without being bogged down by complexity and knowledge gaps 

Our Vision

Bring uncommon levels of visibility, simplicity and automation based on advanced technologies that ultimately eliminate friction 


Our platform delivers turnkey solutions for zero-day value and 

a framework to help existing and future public cloud adopters

If you are super-passionate about being in an early-stage startup and building disruptive cloud security solutions that actually work for customers, then we'd like to hear from you.